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Billiards is one of the most complex games to play Rules, les principes de base et basic or advanced principles, cut shots, cue ball control, and bank shots are some fundamental aspect of billiards.

Be good at billiards gives you more than just instructions and technical information on billiards, you'll see real examples with animated graphics, pictures and videos.

You'll find a dedicated section about pool cue sticks and a billiards directory to get access to much more billiards ressources. Enjoy your visit!


This website celebrates his 19 years old on February 26 février 2018.

Do you know another Website online since so many years? A wonderful journey!!! Since the beginning, the website received around 1,5 million of visitors, had hundreds of rewards on the web / radio / and some magazines, created partnershipt to promote billiards and received more than 500 emails of congratulations. Follow Begood on Facebook and Twitter.

To all of your, billiards players around the world - I want to thank you for this great adventure!